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  "Music just changed in so many ways. Especially Hip Hop. I keep Hip Hop and Rap in two totally different categories. Rappers say they're bringing Hip Hop back but yet still want to degrade women, talk about drugs, money, and to me it's just not the lifestyle they seem to live in. I mean it's way worse. People haven't eaten in weeks and it's like I can't even go a day without eating. Reasons why I like your beats is because they have a little soul to it. Listening to your music, I automatically can think of stories to tell. Not just turn up all the time. I guess I see it in a different perspective because I want the money in a different way, which is to live healthy and give back. It just all sounds the same to me today. I just love different vibes which is how your beats are because I've always listened to different genres."


-Ronesha Brooks

  "Sounds like a DJ Premier but original."



Now Playing- Ignorance Is Bliss (Prod. By MarcDBeats)

"Don't underbid this beat, or any of the others you have. They are worth much more."



#YourFavoriteProducer and TheRealDeal Est. 2013. Videos Courtesy of Fiverr. Music Courtesy of SoundCloud. Logo Design By gigblast

"This beat is legit, but what's more impressive to me is that you've done better man.  Keep that shit up."


-Joe Boss

"Now this is real Hip-Hop."



"It's a privilege to hear your music."


-David Rodriguez

"It's dope how you keep it all so Hip-Hop."



"Dopeness! Get ready for greatness kid, it's coming for you."

-Tom Davids