Q. What is an "Unlimited Lease"? Where are the other options for purchasing a beat?

A. In order to ensure the timeliness of the sales process, all beat purchases have been bundled into one unlimited lease agreement. With an unlimited lease, you are granted all of the conventional rights given when buying a lease plus the ability to add to streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify stress-free.

You can still purchase exclusive rights to any beat on the website or beat tape. 

Q. How do I purchase a beat?

A. Click on the icon for whichever payment app/site you would like to use.

Send desired amount for how many beats you would like to purchase. (Ex. $25 for one beat, $50 for two beats, etc.)

Include the beat name(s) for the beats that you want. (Don’t worry as you can always send this directly later)

Boom! You are done. You will then receive the desired beat(s).