1. Keep Your Head Up

Over the past couple of weeks, my parents have reminded me over and over again of the highs and lows of life. My mom's favorite line has been "It doesn't rain always," while my dad always reminds me that "Everything is not going to go your way." I can be stubborn, dramatic, apprehensive, and irrational once life does not cater to my wishes. Who doesn't get a little bent out of shape when things go sour? Life has its way of throwing things that you feel you cannot handle. However, we are all measured on how we combat these things. No matter who you are, life will throw you in the ring, beat you down, and leave you there if you don't train yourself to get up each and every time. 


It is sensible to remind yourself of all the battles you did overcome. Maybe things were tight and you managed to squeeze through by the skin of your teeth. Maybe you had to face the loss of a loved one at a critical time in your life. These are the unplanned regressions we cannot prepare for in a way that provides instant resolution. You cannot hide from them. They will stress you out to the point of breaking. They will make you question everything about your life. But, in the end, they will make you stronger. They're supposed to. If you find yourself fighting and falling short to the same problems, you must shift the way you approach them. You must change your thinking. 


There are a million ways to grow stronger and more mature in these type of situations. But, I have found that simply staying positive of the things you can control helps tremendously. In this world, we have too many things to be thankful for and it is easy to overlook them when faced with adversity. Most of the time, the positive things in my life that I reach and reach out to remind myself of distract me long enough until I can find a way to solve my problems. Or atleast resolve the stress associated with them. 





Thank you for reading. It has been a while, but things are getting better. Getting back into writing has been harder than I anticipated, but I'm excited for the posts and ideas I have brewing for the future. Thanks for the support and comment below!

DeMarcus Richardson