4. Measuring Success

One of the harshest realities we inevitably run into is the simple fact that life is unfair. Whereas one person has to struggle for necessities, another has just to lift a finger for it. Therefore, the lens we choose to view these inequitable circumstances become the difference between motivation and despondence. The road to success isn't measured by where you fall short. Falling short, rejection, does not last long. What lasts is your ability to contest these new struggles and detour your way into prosperity.


Many people who are reading this are the types of people who strive for the next level, regardless of what platform they have reached. "What's next?" is the motive for immediate action with success at the forefront. During all of this hard work and persistence, it is easy to measure your current place and situation versus where you want to be. This can become injurious. By growing impatient, you begin missing out on the lessons you need to get to where you need to be. You begin failing to spot the work you have put in to get to the present and the many blessings floating around you. Sometimes appreciating the little things along the way offer you insight to growing what you already have. I have learned that simple appreciation steers you away from the wants you may think you need into creating and expanding the tools sitting in your very own arsenal. You already possess the blessings you look for. Focus on that. Expand on it.


I feel it imperative to celebrate and admire the goals you have accomplished before decidedly establishing future ones. Setting goals should be a priority no matter where you are in life, however, you must remember that you possess the strength and ability to complete what you set your mind to. Failing to recognize and appreciate the hard work that has paid off in the past will allow you to convince yourself that you are not on the right path to success. By discrediting your journey, you disorient your future. 


When it comes down to measuring your own success, it starts at the beginning. It's easy to chase your dreams and forget the goals, on the way, that you have already reached. There is nothing wrong with taking more pride than usual in your hard work to convince yourself that pushing through just another day is worth it. It is paramount on the journey to success to turn around and take in all of the progress you've made thus far. 

DeMarcus Richardson