2. Problems

Problems exist everywhere you go. They are life's tests. No matter how hard you work to establish comfortability in your life, they will always present themselves to disturb that.

However, problems are healthy. Depending on how you handle them, problems have the ability to shape and mold you into being secure from the things that present perceived danger. Learning how to successfully take on these issues will safeguard you from the same encounters in the future, along with the more difficult problems you must be trained to handle. 

I remember taking my driving test in high school. I was heartbroken when I failed the first road test due to not being able to parallel park. I wanted to give up completely, but that is not why I am driving today. I'm driving today because I went home and worked on solving that problem. I made sure that same test did not hold me back from moving forward.

Yes. That's a cheesy example.

But, I know that life throws more complex problems at us. Life challenges our happiness. It makes us uncomfortable. Sometimes we are forced to look in the mirror and question our purpose. Life demands more of us than we are able to give at times. It is not our job to run away from the tests we are given to move forward. It's our job to prepare for them and build resistance. A hindrance to our happiness and state of mind is only a test to handle a much bigger one. Problems are not meant to throw you to the ground. They are meant to add weight to your shoulders to make you stronger. To take on more in the future. 

If you feel you are facing the same problems over and over again, take a step back and reassess the reason they continue popping up in your life. That may be the key to where, and how, you are to proceed.

DeMarcus Richardson