10 Simple, Yet Effective Ways to Maintain a Healthy Relationship

Nowadays, relationships are given some formula for success. We are often led to believe that we need X, Y, and Z to fully embrace and be with another person. However, there are no roadmaps for a successful relationship, as everyone is different and handles love in a very different way. With these simple values, you can auspiciously build a strong friendship and relationship that allow for growth. 


  1. Communicate! All healthy relationships require this. Make sure the other person is not led on by believing things that are not true. Where there are gaps in understanding, tal them through.
  2. Be yourself. Representing yourself to someone as anyone other than yourself is sure to backfire. Make sure you stay true to yourself and don't apologize for who you are to be with someone else. The right person will see and take you for how you are.
  3. Show respect. No one wants to feel less than what they deserve.
  4. Don't overthink. Overthinking leads to jumping to wrongful conclusions and viewing the relationship in negative ways.
  5. Talk through problems. Most of the time, problems are a product of a simple misunderstanding. Don't let these small problems turn into larger ones.
  6. Try new things. Your relationship will quickly tire out from monotony by repeating the same things over and over again. Don't be afraid to spice things up.
  7. Support each other. This goes a long way! Often times, a bit of support from someone will encourage them to do more than they imagined.
  8. Understand the other person. Often times, you will be with someone who was raised differently. Although you won't agree on everything, sometimes understanding where they come from is enough.
  9. Embrace change. Change for the better is imminent in a relationship. Embrace all that challenges you and who you are in a positive light. If someone does not push you to change for the better, you are bound to face problems.
  10. Don't give up. Relationships are never going to be picture perfect. There will be times when you doubt the other person. Just like anything in life, it takes a tremendous amount of work. 
DeMarcus Richardson