15 Things Every Beginning Producer Should Know

I remember way back when in seventh grade when my uncle taught me a couple of the basics of FL Studio. He just showed me a simple way to sample and put some drums together. From there, I just made beat after beat, finding my way through plugins, presets, VSTs, the piano roll, the mixer, and all the beautiful features FL Studio graces us producers with. I couldn't fathom reaching the level that I am at now. From a simple beat to full-scale compositions, I am grateful to have stuck with this craft all these years. At first, all the buttons can look extremely foreign and intimidating, but anyone beginning their journey as a music producer should keep these simple tips in mind. 


  1. There are no rules! Literally. If something sounds good to you. Keep it. 
  2. Find your sound. Every one of us has a unique sound we are drawn to. It may take a lifetime to fully find it, but this pursuit will make you a greater producer.
  3. Find artists who compliment your sound. There is nothing more stressful than scrunching your own creativity to satisfy the demands of an artist. When you develop a certain chemistry with an artist, it makes work that much more facile. 
  4. Explore! Explore! Explore! There are so many hidden features and knobs for you to play with that can completely change a track. 
  5. Collaborate! Pick a producer whose sound you thoroughly enjoy and reach out to them. Some of my greatest moments producing have come from receiving joint tracks with iDBeatz
  6. Listen to other producers' beats as well. You will reach another level of creativity by simply listening and dissecting the work of others.
  7. Classical music! This type of music will open up your mind to accept so much more in your productions.
  8. When you face a beat block, make the weirdest beat you can. Later, you will look back on this track and enjoy it. 
  9. Get a beat tag! Let everyone know who made those tracks!
  10. Sometimes less is more. Certain artist thrive more without added distractions in drums, melodies, and effects. Keep that in consideration when you feel like some of your beats need an added element to take it to the next step. Your artist will take care of that.
  11. It's okay not to be where you want when you start. Your knowledge of the tools available in front of you don't match your imagination or potential, yet. Keep cranking them out. 
  12. Watch Youtube tutorials and videos! I've learned critical things from people such as BusyWorkBeats and DMarch. They keep you updated on certain tips and tricks, and the current trends of production that will definitely help. 
  13. Learn quality mixing early! I cannot stress this enough! I have plenty of beats that I like to playback but sound terrible. I did not value mixing when I first started. 
  14. Challenge yourself. Set goals of a different style to produce in. Sticking to one genre will lead to your downfall. 
  15. Read books. Watch movies. Explore the world. I reached a new level of creativity by visiting Germany and Amsterdam last summer. Your pursuits outside of the studio will inevitably lead to better productions. I can almost guarantee a change of scenery will jolt you out of any creative block you face. 



DeMarcus Richardson