The First Post of 2017

It sure feels reassuring to know that everyone wishes to make the most out of the new year. 2016 may, or may not, have met your expectations and this new year offers a clean slate to achieve, succeed, and prosper. As we thumb through our various resolutions, I want to stress the importance of first taking care of what matters most: Our emotional health. Without rectifying how we feel, we eliminate the possibility of accomplishing what we desire.

Gains in the gym, better grades, promotions at work, and more valuable friendships and relationships simply are not possible without the capacity to seek and rejoice in. As a matter of fact, you will never embrace and take command of those goals you set forth without taking care of how you feel first. Letting go of toxicity, getting proper rest, and handling stress early ensures that those amazing goals you set remain concrete.

If there is one goal you set for 2017, let that be one of inner peace and serenity. This clarity will provide the blueprint towards anything you set out to do. There are few things more effective than having a clear enough mind to take on the obstacles that life throws at you. A new year just means new challenges. If you try and tackle these problems the same way you did before, you're doomed to fail.

I'll be rooting for you and your goals this year, as with every year. As you persist on your journey, I will be right here to offer encouragement. Never forget that anything is possible with a clear mind and never stray from the wonderful future you are capable of achieving. Stress, life, and heartaches are all a part of life. How will you handle it?

DeMarcus Richardson