The 5 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

1. Passion

Passion is defined as "an intense desire or enthusiasm for something." Long, arduous work will strip anyone of their constant will to push forward, especially when reaching a tough spot. That is where passion and desire play their role.  Waking up every day to do what you love creates a certain fervor and drive, despite the negatives you may encounter. Successful entrepreneurs fight long and hard because they want nothing more than to see their innermost dreams come to reality. In the end, passion is the overwhelming factor against the people who tell you to quit, the stress of building and operating, and the inevitable hurdles you must leap.   


2. Confidence

Would Apple be here on the chance that it "might work"? Would "one more test" be tried if one brave, confident mind simply didn't believe? I would like to think the answers to each of those questions is "no".  It takes confidence to project yourself forward in the utmost certainty.  When your idea is constantly tanked by those around you, your belief in your dream is fueled solely by your own faith and reliance. Confidence yields no room for doubt and uncertainties, generating a sense of affirmation in not only the creator but also disperses to everyone fortunate enough to experience.  

I recommend watching the biography, drama film Jobs, starring Ashton Kutcher, who beautifully depicts the image of the forward, irrepressible entrepreneur that became Steve Jobs.  


3. Inquisition

Simply put, lack of inquisition breeds complacency. Challenging the status quo, asking questions, and venturing into unknown territories are all fundamental attributes to associate with successful entrepreneurs.  Perhaps the most important quality on the list, inquisition illustrates an individual's knack for discovery and asking "Why?". Improvements are based on the thirst of more knowledge to excel further. For example, Nike has and will remain a powerful, lasting corporation because it consistently works at new technology and new ways to improve its products.  The brisk movement of new ideas, projects, and ventures that eventually serve those who adore and invest in Nike products are the leading contributors to why inquisition produces success for Nike.  Inquisitive entrepreneurs will never cease to bring better products to the table, and the questions that create them.  


4. Susceptible to Change

Imagine a world where everyone's Plan A came to fruition and everything planned under the Sun happened exactly the way it was supposed to. Now wake up. Reality presents certain situations that, not only requires us to adapt, but forces us to. When your objectives crumble, how are you able to respond? Will you build around obstacles or will you fail to change your ideals and allow it consume you? Adaptability to the world and how your dreams will fit these ever-changing circumstances will make or break you. Successful entrepreneurs habituate their projects to what is most effective around them. What is effective today might be obsolete tomorrow. The ability to redirect, especially in our Digital Age, is a crucial trait to possess.


5. Relatability

Great ideas that don't transcend into people of benefit are forlorn. An important aspect of becoming a successful entrepreneur is associating your dream with why the world needs it. Appealing your enterprise to the masses takes a high count of relatability.  Concurring with those who could potentially benefit from what you have to offer means much more than just having an extravagant product. How does your idea improve someone's quality of life? How does it make their life that much easier? Those with the ability to relate open the last door to creating success by propping their ideas on the shelf with other such things that people "can not live without." Essentially, successful entrepreneurs conceive a demand for what they have to offer, and the innate trait of relatability endow such.



More and more people are risking everything to bring their ideas and aspirations to life. Overcoming the fears generated by these risks and exemplifying traits such as passion, confidence, and adaptability allow individuals to sprout into affluent entrepreneurs. There isn't a formula to success, but you can bet your money on the people around you who illustrate the characteristics listed. In fact, they could use your investments! 

DeMarcus Richardson